How To Make Jaggery Ladoo At Home

by shauravi malik

From gajar ka halwa to sheera to gur Sandesh, there are plenty of options available for desserts. Sometimes these occasional binges for your little one become too frequent for your notice, and by the time you realise it, it is often too late. If desserts are their first love and you don’t want to end up giving sugary chocolates and candies, you must try this quick recipe of jaggery ladoo for kids and toddlers.

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Why avoid sugar?

Simply because it does no good to your body, refined sugar contributes to empty calories, i.e., calories that only contribute to weight gain and no nutritional benefit. If you do crave something ‘meetha’, you could think of switching to slightly healthier alternatives like jaggery.

The jaggery ladoo has the power of superfoods i.e., coconut, peanuts, and jaggery. Peanuts not only add crunch to this fabulous recipe but a whole of nutrition too. Did you know peanuts are one of the best sources of protein and loaded with vital minerals, vitamins, and heart-healthy benefits?

Slurrp Farm Jaggery Powder_Jaggery cookies

Benefits of natural jaggery powder

Grated coconut is often added to Indian sweets to add some bulk and layer to the sweet. It has that perfect creamy flavour that acts as a balancing element. Coconut itself is a super healthy fruit.

How to make jaggery ladoo?

Jaggery Laddoo

Ladoo Recipe

Easy and protein-packed treat for your little one. These are made with a handful of ingredients and can be made in less than 30 minutes. Dessert How To Make Jaggery Ladoo At Home European Print This
Serves: 3 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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1. 1 cup sesame seeds

2. ¼ cup Peanuts

3. ¼ cup desiccated coconut

4. ½ cup heaped powdered Slurp Farm Jaggery Powder

5. ½ tsp cardamom powder


1. In a pan roast 1 cup of sesame seeds on a low flame.

Roast sesame seeds_Jaggery ladoo

2. Roast the sesame seeds for 4-5 minutes. Or till the seeds pop and are crunchy.

3. In a pan take ¼ cup peanuts.

4. Roast the peanuts on a low flame till they are light brown and crunchy. Set aside to cool.

Roast the peanuts_Jaggery laddoo

5. In a heated pan take ¼ cup desiccated coconut. Turn the gas off.

6. Lightly roast the desiccated coconut till it's golden brown.

7. Put all the roasted ingredients on a plate and let them cool. After the ingredients cool add ½ cup jaggery.

8. Blend the ingredients in a blender in two stages. First, let everything come together. Stop and mix well. Blend it again till the oil from Sesame, peanuts, and coconut comes out. Take a spoon full of mixture in your hand and you should be able to form a ball.

9. Take small portions of the mixture in your palms and roll the laddoos. You will get about 12-14 laddoos.

Jaggery laddoo

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