Indian Lunch Recipe – Fluffy Soft Ragi Poori Recipe

by shauravi malik

Poori-aloo has been one of the most popular Indian lunch recipes in our households, mostly served as prasad or delicious Punjabi style aloo poori recipe for breakfast or lunch in northern parts of India. But today, in my Indian lunch menu list, I take poori a notch-up. Maida shall be replaced with ragi flour. Woohoo!  

Why ragi poori (fried bread)?

1. Finger millets (aka ragi) is rich in calcium and protein so it increases bone strength. The nutrition values ​​in a 100 g serving of ragi flour, according to the nutrient database of the USDA (United States Department Of Agriculture) are as follows: Ragi Calories – 385. 

2. Ragi is rich in fiber. It helps in lowering glucose levels, controls diabetes, and reduces cholesterol. Lactating mothers are also advised to include ragi in their daily diet. 

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Looks can be deceptive:

The first time I made a basket full of ragi pooris for my family, they rejected the entire batch. I had to persuade them. A few bites later, the little and big tummies asked for more. That’s what poori does to you! However, ragi poori is by far, one of the best guilt-free lunch ideas. Serve it piping hot with curd, or/and potato curry (aloo subji) to kids or spicy curry and pickle on the side with a hot cup of tea to satiate your hunger. 

Pro tip before we move on to read the recipe of ragi poori: 

Dip the dough in a little hot oil from the kadai before rolling. Using oil instead of dusting with dry flour also ensures that there is no burnt flour left in the oil after frying. Fry them in oil on medium flame. If the oil is not hot enough, pooris will not fluff up and also soak. If the oil is too hot, pooris will get scalded. 

Indian Lunch Recipe – Fluffy Soft Ragi Poori Recipe

ragi poori

Ragi Poori

This easy-to-make recipe, ragi poori can be made at home within minutes. Goes well with aloo sabzi (potato curry), curd, chutney or pickle. Lunch Indian Lunch Recipe – Fluffy Soft Ragi Poori Recipe European Print This
Serves: 2 Prep Time: Cooking Time:
Nutrition facts: 200 calories 20 grams fat
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knead the dough

1. ½ cup Slurrp Farm Sprouted Ragi Powder

2. ¼ cup whole wheat flour/aata

3. Salt to taste

4. Little less than ½ cup water


1. Add water slowly as you knead the dough.

2. Form a smooth but slightly stiff dough.

knead the dough

3. Set aside for half an hour.

Let the dough settle

4. Knead again and make small balls.

5. Flatten them and roll small puris.

Flatten the poori

6. In a kadhai heat oil.

7. Add the puri when the oil is heated when it fluffs up.

Add the puri when the oil is heated when it fluffs up - Indian lunch recipe

8. Flip over and cook the other side.

Indian lunch recipe - Ragi Poori recipe

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