Slurrp Farm Trial Pack Sale

by shauravi malik

Dear healthy food lovers,

Are you all ready to stock up and ready to stay home for a few weeks? Try 3 Slurrp Farm products at just INR 50. Yes, you heard us right. Make your own combination, cherrypick not just for your little one but for yourself with our range of protein pancakes and delicious dosas.
Everything yummy and good for the tummy, shop from a wide range of what’s best for your loved ones on sale.

Choose food that is good for you:

At Slurrp Farm we love using a diverse range of superfoods! A variety of nutrient-dense ingredients like ragi, jowar, foxtail millet, lentils, oats, amaranth, nuts, combined with good fats like real butter, real fruits, and vegetable, natural sweeteners like jaggery and honey go into making our products. Some of our best-selling products being Sprouted Ragi Powder, Organic Oats Powder, and many more.
Through the trial pack sale, we are giving an opportunity to all the healthy food lovers to try as many products of their choice as they want at a very reasonable price.

Slurrp Farm

Limited period offer. Click here.

Wait, there’s more:

1. Each trial pack is priced at INR 1
2. User can add any 3 to their cart
3. On checkout, he/she pays additional Rs 47 (so total Rs50) for 3 trial packs
4. If the user adds another full-size product to his cart and cart is above 500, he gets free shipping (so all trial pack become free)
5. User cannot add more than 3 trial packs to his cart
*Terms and conditions applied

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